Discover The "Exotic Rice Method" That Helped Me Melt 69 Pounds and Totally Changed My Life!

…Without giving up any of my favorite desserts and sodas

For decades, I silently blamed my daughter for ruining my figure.

It might sound terrible, but my belly remained soft and round for a whopping three decades after she was born.

For a long time, I hated buying new clothes because they never seemed to fit right, and climbing stairs left me breathless.

I felt frustrated with the lack of fashionable options for someone like me. 

I covered up my body with jackets and loose blouses, feeling self-conscious about my appearance.

Looking in the mirror only made me feel worse.

I’ve tried everything to shed those extra pounds – endless hours at the gym, cutting out all the tasty foods, and testing every weight-loss program out there. 

But nothing seemed to work.

Being a mom, homemaker, and working full-time, trying to stay fit left me stressed and exhaustedIt’s no wonder I lost my intimacy with my husband, David and he seemed to notice younger women more.

I remember vividly when we celebrated our 25th anniversary, I noticed David’s eyes wandering to a younger woman at a nearby table.

A surge of insecurity washed over me. 

As the years passed, life’s complexities intertwined with our love…

I was giving up everything to strive for the ideal of being a “perfect mom”… only to look into the mirror one day and come to the realization that there was nothing perfect about me.

Tired, unhappy, and frustrated, I knew something had to change.

Then, one night, a friend shared a video about the “Exotic Rice Method” that changed everything. 

Skeptical but desperate for a change, I gave it a try – and thank goodness I did!

It turns out, that my struggles weren’t about diet or exercise, but toxins in the environment. 

This “Exotic Rice Method” helped them melt away. 

After three decades stuck at 192 pounds, I’m now proudly back to 123. 

I even shared the Exotic Rice Method with my daughter, who bounced back from her third pregnancy in less than a year!

Now, my husband’s attention is where it belongs – on me! 

But enough about that. 

Check out the video below to discover the Exotic Rice Method that changed my life. 

 It could change your life too!

Supporting you on your health journey,



The New ME!

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